Geisinger’s Vice President of Digital Engagement Riffs on the Digital Front Door and the Road to Digital Maturity

September 26, 2021

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

jane-brubakerWhen you still remember what someone said in a webinar a year ago, you know it’s someone you’d like to hear more from. Sarah Sommer, vice president of digital engagement at Geisinger, was a panelist in our October 2020 webinar, “How to Build the Case for Increasing Your Digital Marketing Budget in 2021.” It was clear then and it is clear now that she and her team are laser-focused on consumer experience.

Sommer’s response to a question about cookies — and what happens when they go away — got our attention and stuck with us. From her point of view, it’s not about what Google does or doesn’t do. It’s about staying very clear about the intention of the organization, which is to communicate in relevant ways that bring value to consumers. If Geisinger does that, she says, “marketing will transcend the role of cookies and data privacy in our organization.”

In the Q&A that follows, Sommer shares more ways Geisinger strives to make health easier for consumers.


Sarah Sommer, vice president of digital engagement, Geisinger

eHST: What does “digital front door” mean at Geisinger, and who does it apply to in terms of audiences?

SS: As an integrated health system with a medical school, our digital front door is tailored to support the needs of multiple customer segments: prospective and current patients, prospective and current health plan members, job seekers, learners seeking to pursue their medical, nursing, or related graduate health degrees, residents, fellows, collaborators in research and innovation, donors, and more. — our enterprise website — offers critical information to support each of these audiences on their respective journeys.

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