Healthcare CRM is Evolving. Platforms Are Complex and the Stakes Are High. Are You Ready?

February 15, 2023

Healthcare CRM is evolving as health systems face new challenges and new expectations.

Marketers at hospitals and health systems have spent the better part of a decade building the business case to invest in CRM platforms and the talent to run them, but the conversation is shifting due to challenging financial pressures and changes in vendor choices. Three panelists presented on future outlooks for healthcare CRM in a recent eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar.

Craig Kartchner, AVP of marketing and customer experience at HonorHealth, talks about healthcare CRM

Craig Kartchner, AVP of marketing and customer experience at HonorHealth

Panelists included Craig Kartchner, AVP of marketing and customer experience at HonorHealth; Seth Kaplan, director of marketing and customer engagement at HonorHealth; and Daniel Quinn, vice president of business strategy and analytics at LionShare.

Platforms are complex, and the stakes are high. To be successful, it’s more important than ever to understand how to approach the investment and implementation wisely. Some key technology players have evolved their capabilities or left the market entirely, and new platforms have emerged. And with many hospitals and health systems facing negative operating margins, the need for a clear, agreed-upon ROI for a CRM investment is critical — and perhaps greater than ever.

In their presentation, the panelists highlighted several key points about understanding and communicating CRM investments given today’s financial constraints.

Read our new article to learn their main takeaways on:

  • How to manage expectations for CRM in the face of challenging financial pressures
  • How strategy and operations must work together to get the most out of a CRM investment
  • How buyer decisions for CRM have changed.

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