Why It Pays To Broaden Your Concept of “Patient Experience”

August 30, 2017

Piedmont Healthcare Logo with marginYour brand is the sum of the experiences a customer has with you, says Matt Gove, chief consumer officer at Piedmont Healthcare in Georgia. This definition goes beyond the conventional scope of patient experience, or as Gove consistently refers to it: customer experience.

While patient experience historically has been a clinical initiative, with the bulk of resources focused on improving inpatient experience, most customer experiences happen outside the walls of a hospital. “Our data showed that about 92 percent of our patient interactions were in ambulatory or outpatient settings,” Gove says.

Matt Gove, chief consumer officer at Piedmont Healthcare

Matt Gove, chief consumer officer at Piedmont Healthcare

Over the past few years, Piedmont has worked to expand the concept of patient experience to the broadest possible definition, embracing every customer interaction, in every setting. The outcome of this work is the Piedmont Way, an enterprise-wide customer-centric framework developed in marketing, in partnership with patient experience, that touches every part of the organization.

How can you achieve consistent customer-centricity across a large, diverse organization? Learn how marketing took the lead in transforming an entire enterprise, one touchpoint at a time:

Customer Experience the Piedmont Way

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