Your Website Redesign Is Just the Beginning: What To Do Next

March 30, 2016
Dagmara Scalise

Dagmara Scalise, AVP, Healthcare Practice Area Lead at Primacy

The website redesign that has utterly consumed you and your team for the past year (or more) is finally completed. What now?

While you should take some time to step back and bask in your success, says Dagmara Scalise of full-service digital agency Primacy, there’s still a lot to do.

“Your website is the foundation of your marketing engine,” she notes. “As such, the website launch actually marks the beginning of the real work it needs to accomplish, which is to say, attracting and converting your audiences, transforming interest into engagement, and engagement into revenue.”

The first step, post-launch, is measuring effectiveness. “Most comprehensive website redesigns include (or should include) implementation of tracking code as part of the overall process, whether that is Google Analytics or another platform. But fewer redesigns (at least in our experience) include an actual analytics plan and tagging strategy.

“These latter two components are critical elements in gauging effectiveness and, ideally, should be folded into the build phase of your project, when the development team is making decisions about how to build out the site’s functionality,” Scalise says.

Learn the other three post-launch steps that will help you maximize the success of your site redesign when you read the full article: Now What? What to Do AFTER Your Brand-New Website Has Launched.

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