How To Improve Your Healthcare Facility’s Online Reputation

December 9, 2015

kindred-healthcare-logoSixty-six percent of respondents to Nielsen’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising survey say they trust consumer opinions posted online. Reviews are the third-most-trusted source, after recommendations from friends and family (83 percent), and branded websites (70 percent).

Yet Pew Research statistics indicate that only 3 to 4 percent of consumers write online reviews of treatments, hospitals, or clinicians, says Ryan Squire, Senior Director of Social Media at Kindred Healthcare.

Kindred Healthcare, which has 2,730 locations and operates in 47 states, made significant gains beginning in 2012 by paying close attention to online reviews, and acting on them.

Ryan Squire Headshot

Ryan Squire, Senior Director of Social Media at Kindred Healthcare

How do you change the dynamics when a small percentage of the population writing reviews can have a potentially significant influence on consumers searching for healthcare information online?

Kindred has been able to crack the code. In 2012, it had 2,500 online reviews across 400 locations, and Kindred Healthcare’s star rating was 2.2. As of September 2015, its star rating had climbed to 3.9.

To learn how Kindred pulled it off, and how you can adapt the lessons behind its success to your own facility, read our full article now: Kindred Healthcare Dramatically Improves Its Online Reputation.

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