Overlooking Phone Calls in Your Pursuit of More Healthcare Marketing Conversions?

September 5, 2018

For some organizations, the phone is the primary marketing channel consumers use to make contact — and to convert into patients. For these organizations the phone experience is critical to success.

Today we’ll look at new digital tools that can help this once-analog channel optimize customer experience and increase conversions.

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Dispatch Health provides in-home urgent care services as an alternative to an ER visit or a nonemergency 911 transport. The service goes after “the very specific problem of ER over-utilization,” says Andrea Pearson, chief marketing officer.

When Pearson came on board six months ago, she set out to make sure that everything could be measured. “Whether that was a business meeting with a senior living community or a postcard mailing with an ACO, we wanted to be able to tie that volume back and understand how that channel and specific tactic were working, and what we should be doing to optimize it,” she says.

Andrea Pearson, chief marketing officer at Dispatch Health

Andrea Pearson, chief marketing officer at Dispatch Health

She turned to Invoca, a call intelligence platform, whose clients include Mayo Clinic. Invoca recently received recognition as a “strong performer” in The Forrester New Wave™: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018. Forrester reports: “Invoca leverages machine learning-based speech analytics to classify calls and measure their quality and outcomes to improve marketing performance as well as handle related use cases in sales.”

Within 90 days of implementing Invoca, Dispatch Health was able to convert 50 percent more consumers. “The call data was key to improving not just call conversion but also our website and requests made from our digital channels, from improving ad copy and landing pages to the phone call handling,” says Pearson.

In our new article, we discuss how call intelligence helps personalize and optimize human interactions and drive superior results.

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