eNews Pulse, August 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS Capital BlueCross Challenges Students to Develop Innovative Web-Based Tools or Mobile Apps to Improve Healthcare. Available to students age 18 and older, the challenge supports innovative ideas in one of three categories: financial, telemedical, and experiential. Top prize is $15,000. Work must be original and sub­mitted by November 22. Details at www.blueinnovates.com. RESOURCES Read More

The Power of Storytelling

by Mark S. Gothberg “Humans are fundamentally emo­tional – rather than analytical – in how they process information and make decisions, and there is no bet­ter way to connect with someone’s emotions than through stories,” says Betsy Chapin Taylor, principal consultant for Third Sector Strategy, a healthcare philanthropy consulting firm. Compelling communication weaves together emotion, Read More

Web Takes … August 2013 Picks

Hartford Hospital www.harthosp.org It has been a dozen years since this site was reviewed. The site for this Connecticut institution was out­standing back then, and with changes over the years, it is out­standing today. Most hospital sites fail to identify the organization’s key service lines. Yes, many sites will highlight a few serv­ices in their Read More

A Different Approach to Patient Billing

by Mark S. Gothberg Patient billing has become an even bigger issue for healthcare providers. Patients used to be responsible for about 10 percent of hospital and physician bills. But high-deductible health plans have driven up patient responsibility, which now averages 26 percent and will soon reach 30 percent, according to John Talaga, vice president Read More

How Can Digital Technology Support Brand Building?

Ask The Expert with Mike Reinhardt Arguments are made regularly that a brand is an organization’s most valuable asset. A chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola once said that if the company lost all of its facilities and people, he could rebuild the com­pany – provided he retained the rights to the brand. He said he Read More

Embrace Blogging to Generate Real Patient Connections

by Mark S. Gothberg Healthcare organiza­tions are infatuated with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They are the “hot” social media networks. While these vehicles can draw large audiences, they often do not provide the same “marketing pull” opportunities and the level of interaction that can take place with a strong and effective blog. “In healthcare, it’s Read More

eNews Pulse, July 2013

RESOURCES Unique Online Patient-Physician Consultation launched in March at www.MeVisit.com. To preserve the patient-physician relationship, the patient’s health history is collected using an intuitive questionnaire, which is then transmitted to the pa­tient’s personal physician. Software allows the physician to interpret the patient’s symptoms and return a customized care plan, including a prescription order sent to Read More

Animations Available Wherever You Go on the Web

by Mark S. Gothberg There is probably nothing more dy­namic and educational than viewing medical animations of the human anatomy, disease conditions, and medical procedures. But developing lifelike animations in multiple for­mats is not easy or inexpensive. And while having a robust website is an absolute requirement for any hospi­tal (or hospital system) to attract Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, July 2013

An App to Relax By Is there anyone out there who isn’t stressed or anxious over work, fam­ily, or just life in general? There are a number of smartphone apps de­signed to reduce all your anxieties, as detailed by Judith Newman in the April 5 issue of The New York Times. Most of the apps Read More

Meridian Health Uses Multiple Marketing Channels to Grow Pediatric Services

by Mark S. Gothberg Four years ago, Meridian Health de­cided it had all the care components and expertise to seamlessly coordi­nate a full range of children’s health­care needs. It could provide a pediatric continuum, from preven­tion and wellness to illness diagnosis to treatment to recovery to research and education. But exactly how should it communicate Read More

How Do I ‘Easily’ Calculate ROI in Service-Line Marketing?

Ask The Expert with Scott McRae Calculating return on investment for a service-line marketing campaign can be elu­sive and is not for the faint of heart. How­ever, demonstrating that your marketing efforts contrib­ute to your organization’s bottom line communicates the value of your function and benefits your career. Where to begin To demonstrate the calculation Read More

Web Takes … July 2013 Picks

Alamance Regional Medical Center www.armc.com This unusually designed site for a Burlington, NC, hospital is a real pleasure to visit. Except for a dark green background at the top of pages, the background is gray. Layered on top of the gray are multi­colored navigational links on the left. Colorful blocks that promote key features seemingly Read More

UAB Medicine Develops a Mobile Application with Clear Business Benefits

by Mark S. Gothberg Hospitals have de­veloped all kinds of mobile applications, from those featuring a medical encyclo­pedia to ER wait times to health tracking. But a unique application has been launched by the marketing team at UAB Medicine, also known as the University of Alabama at Birming­ham Health System. The application supports workers’ compensation Read More

Michigan Challenges an Obesity Epidemic with Integrated Marketing, Interactivity, and Corporate Co-Sponsors

by Peter Hochstein This story contains implicit lessons not only for hospital marketers, but also for public health specialists, companies seeking to be good corporate citizens, politicians, and anybody who wants to do some­thing positive about behavior-related health issues. Moreover, it demonstrates how an interactive advertising campaign that asks participants to meet specific goals can Read More

Web Takes … June 2013 Picks

Holy Family Memorial www.hfmhealth.org As the largest provider of healthcare services in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, Holy Family Memorial has a lot to offer area residents, and that is clearly reflected by its website. Areas of the site that are particularly noteworthy are: Outstanding quality section. The information offered is not as comprehensive as found on Read More

Skype Proves to Be Powerful Tool for Family Therapy

by Cheryl Haas For many people in recovery from sub­stance abuse or a mental health dis­order, their families are an integral part of their journey back to health. But often, families are unable to be present for a signifi­cant part of the healing process sim­ply because they live too far away from the residential program Read More

eNews Pulse, June 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS New Kaiser Family Foundation Site Launched at www.kff.org. Five websites and gateways have been consolidated into one site cen­tered on 10 health policy issues. All content on a topic – whether a fact sheet, poll, data table, video, or news report – is integrated for one-stop viewing. Assistance for Young People Whose Lives Read More

Should My Website and Print Publications Be Connected?

Ask The Expert with Jeremy Dietz For many years, print publications have served as one of a hospital marketer’s best communications tools. Despite the rise of digital media, that hasn’t changed. Print publications are still a highly effective way to deliver information to your entire community on your schedule. But your print efforts shouldn’t stand Read More

Isn’t It Time to Adopt Online Appointment Scheduling?

by Mark S. Gothberg “People love sched­uling things online. They are scheduling flights, hotels, and even hair appoint­ments. And it’s not just young people that like online booking, older people do as well. So why not healthcare? One day online scheduling will be mandatory in healthcare because people will de­mand it,” says Bob La Loggia, Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, June 2013

When You Prefer Pen and Paper If you like to take notes for future reference and prefer to write rather than type into a digital device, then get the Targus iNotebook. The Targus tool and an iPad work hand-in-hand. With an iPad close at hand, you write with a special pen on one of the Read More

Second Life Enables Engagement Across Geographic Boundaries

by Theresa Jacobellis I am standing in the deserted lobby of the Mayo Clinic, and I am dressed like a gladiator. There is nobody at the information desk, so I walk behind it and sit in the chair. Next, I walk over to a series of large posters set up on what appear to be Read More

Move Your Marketing Research Efforts into the 21st Century

by Alan Shoebridge They have been living in the online era for nearly two decades, but many healthcare organizations still rely heavily on research methods from the 1950s – printed comment cards, telephone surveys, and focus groups. If you haven’t updated your research with tactics from this century, now is the time to go digital. Read More

Hospital-Sponsored Physician Review Site a Success

by Sheryl S. Jackson Rich Snippets, Robust Information Boost SEO and Visits to Hospital Website It happens every day. Someone visits a hotel review website to determine the best place to stay for the next vacation or business trip. But what happens when patients use the Web to find reviews of physi­cians? Although sites are Read More

Web Takes … May 2013 Picks

Indiana University Health www.iuhealth.org Most hospital and health system websites cover a huge array of topics on their home page. But this site takes a laser approach, placing great focus on what the organization thinks are the major reasons for someone visiting the site and sub­jects important to the health system. The home page is Read More