Standing Out in a Sea of Content: Northwell Health’s Success Rests on a Hyper-Focused Content Strategy

September 14, 2018

// By Melanie Graham //

Melanie GrahamFor many years, the marketing and communications team at Northwell Health knew it wanted to build out its consumer content experience. As one of the biggest health systems in the country and the largest private employer in New York state, Northwell needed to show that it was on the pulse of what was happening in healthcare and that it was willing to connect with patients in a meaningful way.

Gina Czark, vice president, content management at Northwell Health

Gina Czark, vice president, content management at Northwell Health

“We wanted to put content out there that was relevant in people’s lives, and not just content about our services and awards,” says Gina Czark, vice president, content management at Northwell. “It couldn’t be building a corporate newsroom or an obvious marketing website, but rather sharing true stories of healthcare and the people going through milestone healthcare events.”

With this content mission, Czark and the Northwell team launched The Well in early 2018, and although it’s still in its early stages, the site has already seen success.

After a soft launch in January and subsequent public relations push, the team began promoting The Well content in late February. As of July 2018, The Well had garnered nearly 1 million page views and 350,000 unique visitors.

In addition to the growing reader numbers, content on The Well also frequently turns up in the top-10 most visited pages for all

“We’re tracking stats every week and it’s constantly increasing,” Czark says, “and it’s broken through as some of the most highly trafficked pages on Northwell’s website.”

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