My Internet … Personal Solutions, March 2014

Yes, You Can Repair a Cellphone I wish I had known about repair services before I replaced my daughter’s cellphone twice – once when the screen had severe cracks from the phone being dropped and stepped on, and once when the battery just quit. There are indeed companies that will repair cellphones that have screen Read More

Protect Your Investment With Usability Testing and Eye Tracking

// By Sandra Fancher // Mark Twain once said, “Supposing is good, but finding out is better.” As a Web and marketing professional, you know it’s easy to immerse yourself in a Web project and assume every choice or assump­tion you make will be clear to every­one. You know what’s worked in the past. You Read More

Virtual Assistants Become the Newest Members of the Healthcare Team

by Theresa Jacobellis “Hi. I’m Myra. When you’re ready, click on one of these links to get started,” she says in a warm voice with a confident and professional tone. “As a lifestyle health coach, I can tell you a good program starts with a health risk as­sessment. So, we have some ques­tions about your Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, February 2014

Determine Your Fitness Age Quickly Measurement of your aerobic fitness level can be difficult, if not impos­sible, on your own. But researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology came up with a simple, low-tech way to esti­mate your “fitness age,” which is how well your body functions physi­cally relative to how it should Read More

eNews Pulse, February 2014

WEBSITES Details of Healthcare Reform for Consumers is the focus of, which is presented by CaroMont Health and The Gaston Gazette, both of Gastonia, NC. The home page features a large banner that rotates five messages of individuals and families who are now benefiting from insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The site Read More

Web Takes … February 2014 Picks

Nash Health Care There is nothing subtle about this site for a North Carolina provider. It generally doesn’t follow conven­tional navigation, and everything seems to be in the viewer’s face. But the site grabs attention to draw visi­tors in and forces them to pay atten­tion. The home page – in fact, numerous pages – Read More

Patient-Centric Approach Key to Successfully Reducing Self-Pay Balances

by Scott Zimmerman There is no question that collecting out­standing balances is a challenging process. Not only is it difficult to allocate time for staff members to repeatedly contact patients to obtain payments, it is also crucial to not alienate pa­tients in the process.   However, collecting self-pay balances elec­tronically can take the pressure off staff Read More

What Key Areas Should Healthcare Marketers and Communicators Address?

Ask The Experts with Mark Gothberg and Michele Von Dambrowski We have covered strategic marketing and business development subjects for nearly 30 years – with an added focus on Web and digital communica­tions since 1999. A lot has changed during this time, but we have observed recurring issues that have limited the effectiveness of marketers, Read More

Online Portal Enhances Population Health Management Program

by Sheryl S. Jackson User-Friendly, Customizable Program Helps Employers Reduce Healthcare Costs Hospitals and health systems are not the only organizations focused on reducing healthcare costs and improving out­comes. Employers are also con­cerned about rising insurance costs, along with lost workdays when em­ployees’ medical conditions prevent them from working. Susquehanna Health, a four-hospital integrated system Read More

Midwest Health System Reduces Online Marketing Competition Among Its Hospitals

by Mark S. Gothberg OSF HealthCare is an integrated health sys­tem comprised of eight hospitals in north central Illinois. Service lines are structured to serve consumers at every hospital, but the market areas of many of the hospi­tals overlap. Consequently, hospital service-line marketing efforts are confusing and even frustrating for many consumers, inefficient from a Read More

Video Visits Between Patients and Doctors Gain Traction

by Theresa Jacobellis Personal com­puters, tablets, and smartphones bring a world of information, commerce, and communication to millions of users wherever they may be. Now, this technology is helping healthcare providers overcome the barriers of cost, distance, and inconvenience to deliver checkups and urgent care to people in their homes, places of business, and retail Read More

How Should We Align Our Hospital Strategy With Generational Shifts and Values?

Ask The Expert with Ted Balowski With the healthcare Web environment rapidly changing, new technologies are constantly emerging and are being adopted in varying degrees by demographic target groups. Now, four generations have unprecedented access to healthcare information and the providers that deliver it. According to a 2013 survey by Econsultancy, four in 10 global Read More

Healthcare and Hummingbird: How Will Google’s Latest Algorithm Affect Your SEO Efforts?

by Kaysha Kalkofen Hummingbird, Google’s new search algorithm introduced at the end of Sep­tember 2013, has marketers in every industry scratching their heads. According to Google’s search chief, Amit Singhal, Hummingbird is the biggest algo­rithm change since 2001. Hummingbird pulls from different data points so that search results are more refined and conversationally sequential. It Read More

West Coast System Provides Guidance on Effective Online Advertising

by Mark S. Gothberg “Four years ago our administration looked at our online presence and urged us to do more, to learn as much as we could and try different things,” says Doreen Pichotti, senior marketing analyst at UC Davis Health System, which serves the greater Sacramento, CA, area. “Since then, our online advertising as Read More

Web Takes … January 2014 Picks

Texas Health Resources – Well-Being Organizations increasingly promote community health, although those efforts usually focus on disease prevention and identification/treatment. This special section takes on the broad and important area of overall well-being, and tackles the job nicely. The site consists of two parts. One part addresses the dimensions of well-being: healthy behaviors, emo­tional Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, January 2014

Productivity Apps That Are Fun For many, a key 2014 New Year’s resolution is to become more pro­ductive. An app can assist while also offering some fun along the way. The app is a simple list maker with all the tasks people re­quire, such as setting priorities, establishing reminders, and getting a push each Read More

eNews Pulse, January 2014

WEBSITES Unique Features Added to Redesigned When a 3-D spinning model called PIP (Person in Pain) is clicked, red squares appear on different areas of the body. Visitors who hover over a square will find a callout that fea­tures a selection of articles on the pain problem. A click brings up the article of Read More

eNews Pulse, December 2013

RESOURCES New Public HCAHPS Scorecard introduced by Professional Research Consultants. Although it utilizes the national HCAHPS database, this tool is more user-friendly than the federal government’s Hospital Compare site and allows for direct comparisons of multiple hospitals. It also includes Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Incentive rates. The company’s clients can get an additional tool called VBP Read More

My Internet … Personal Solutions, December 2013

Games to Make Exercising More Fun We all know how important it is to spend time at the gym staying fit, but would we call this time fun? Some smartphone apps can turn exercising into a game and make the experience more enjoyable. With Fitocracy, users get points based on specific exercises and their intensity Read More

Virtual Reality Program Helps Treat Mental Health Problems

by Diane Atwood Imagine for a mo­ment that just the thought of going to an event and meeting new people causes such in­tense anxiety you feel as if you might be having a heart attack. Such a reaction is usually caused by a form of social anxiety – a fairly common phenomenon. Xenodu, a company Read More

Web Takes … December 2013 Picks

Virtual Tours Checking out healthcare facilities in person is difficult and at best limited. Virtual tours fill this important role and have the advantage of providing details that a tour guide might not give. The three reviewed organizations all offer virtual tours that provide full-screen viewing, 360-degree rotation with click and drag, a zoom func­tion, Read More

What Should Digital Healthcare Directors Focus on in 2014? Part Two

Ask The Expert with Mark S. Gothberg Winners of the 2013 eHealthcare Leader­ship Awards, the com­petition’s 14th year, were recognized in November in New Orleans during a pres­entation at a healthcare Internet con­ference sponsored by Atlanta-based Greystone.Net. The November issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends listed the winners. Last month’s “Ask the Expert” column discussed Read More

Telemedicine Pilot Aims to Reduce Costs and Improve Access to Care for Rural Children

by Cheryl Haas Nationwide Children’s Hospital, located in Colum­bus, OH, is one of America’s leading providers of pediatric care and serves a 32-county area in south central Ohio. Much of that area encompasses rural communities where the barriers to accessing pub­lic health are significant. Issues such as reliable transportation, babysitting services, and time to travel Read More

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