Assess How You’re Collecting and Using Your Healthcare Data

November 10, 2021
Daniel Fell

Daniel Fell, senior strategist, Optum

“From digital data streams to artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, the prevalence and use of marketing data is growing exponentially,” says Daniel Fell of Optum.

“According to a recent State of Marketing report from Salesforce, the median number of data sources used by marketers grew 50 percent from 2019 to 2021. And the report showed that marketers from ‘high performing organizations’ are, on average, five times more satisfied with the timeliness and quality of their marketing data, their ability to unify customer identities, and the integration of customer data across the organization.”

Here’s an excerpt from Fell’s new eHST article:

“Whether you use just a few sources of marketing data today or manage a sophisticated business intelligence and marketing analytics team spread across a large and growing healthcare organization, now is the perfect time to assess how you’re collecting and applying data within the marketing function, and what you can be doing to make better use of the data and analytics you do have.

“To this end, [I’ve put together] a checklist of ideas that pertain to marketing data, as well as many other types of data within the organization that marketing may deal with from time to time. Every organization will have its own unique set of data needs and challenges, so think of this as more of a reference guide than a defined set of requirements. And while not exhaustive, it may serve as a good resource for many of the things a sophisticated data-driven marketing organization will want to keep track of to improve its use of data and its marketing efforts.”

For eight thought-starter questions to be asking your team — followed by Fell’s more detailed checklist and approach to getting at some of the answers as well building a more data-driven marketing organization — read the full article now:

A Checklist for Achieving Data-Driven Marketing in Your Healthcare Organization

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