The Science of Hospital Journey Mapping

June 27, 2018

// By Shawn Gross //

Shawn Gross is chief digital strategist, healthcare practice lead, at White RhinoGreat content marketing starts with understanding the customer’s journey. Journey mapping has become a favorite marketing tool for visualizing the customer’s experience. But what exactly are journey maps, how do you create them, and what is the best way to apply them to hospital marketing?

At first glance, a customer’s journey may seem pretty simple. You offer something, and the customer buys it. But once you get into the details, customer journeys are quite complex and come in many varieties.

Researching and selecting a hospital or doctor is an emotional decision, often filled with highs and lows of uncertainty and fear. In this article we’ll discuss ways to use journey maps to better understand customers’ emotional drivers and psychological motivators. You’ll learn how Ochsner Health System used journey mapping to develop a content marketing strategy to attract customers and drive deeper patient engagement.

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