Focus on CRM: An Inside Look at Today’s Healthcare CRM Landscape

November 30, 2022

Exclusive Member Report

CRM has undergone a major transformation in healthcare over the past few years. Innovative marketers and healthcare systems have begun implementing CRM strategies to maximize the value of their existing patient data by converting it into tangible action. Healthcare marketing campaigns have infused CRM strategies to drive patient activation and engagement, improve communication of service offerings, and deliver targeted messaging to consumers according to their specific needs

In this exclusive report from eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, we examine the current state of CRM usage in healthcare by sharing case studies and successful implementation practices from industry leaders and innovators.

You’ll gain insights from successful CRM implementation strategies at Ochsner Health, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, Bon Secours Mercy Health, City of Hope, and Nemours Children’s Health System.

You’ll learn:

  • How VCU Health is leveraging CRM to generate and convert leads, engage existing patients, and improve communications on clinic locations and service offerings
  • Why Alan Tam, vice president of marketing at Actium Health, believes CRM intelligence should focus on driving patient activation and improving patient volume through appointment bookings
  • How CRM Intelligence trains AI on a health system’s disparate patient data sets to predict and prioritize patient audiences for outreach and a call to action
  • How the FMOLHS marketing team partnered with CRM solutions provider LionShare to execute a targeted messaging campaign to reactivate existing patients following the COVID-19 shutdown, which resulted in a $12.10 return for every $1 invested
  • The strategic methods developed by Scripps Health to optimize healthcare marketing data, measure campaign effectiveness, and revitalize its online appointment scheduling tools — the latter of which led to a 140 percent increase in scheduled online appointments within six months
  • How Griffin Health is using CRM to close care gaps by sharing new service offerings and delivering targeted, personalized messaging to patients to get the specific care they need.

Our goal for this report and all content is to give you tools and tips, information and inspiration to develop your skills as a leader. We are confident that you will find high-value, actionable ideas you can put to work for the benefit of your organization.