How Are Healthcare Organizations Preparing for a Post-COVID World?

September 9, 2020
Jenny Walker, director of digital engagement at CHRISTUS Health

Jenny Walker, director of digital engagement, CHRISTUS Health

Today’s environment is incredibly challenging for healthcare leaders, as the pressures and changes brought by COVID-19 have impacted the way they plan and implement marketing/communications within their organizations.

Many have been asked to “do more with less,” but what does this mean? And how can organizations prepare for a post-COVID future rife with unknowns?

Jenny Walker, director of digital engagement at CHRISTUS Health, recently weighed in on the challenges the organization has faced during the start of the pandemic, lessons learned, and the opportunities they envision going forward.

Headquartered in Texas, CHRISTUS Health is a large nonprofit system made up of more than 600 centers, including community hospitals and walk-in clinics, across four states as well as in Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.

“At a high level early on in the pandemic, we took a lot of the best practices from CHRISTUS healthcare systems that continuously endure hurricanes and tropical storms,” says Walker. “We already had crisis communications and crisis plans put in place like a command center, and we distributed the top-10 things happening in each hospital to our internal stakeholders on a daily basis.

“Digitally, we worked with our local SEO partners to ensure we were covering the consumers searching for health information, we put up COVID-19 resource pages, and we developed a COVID-related chatbot to ensure that each of our individual communities knew where to go and what to do if they’d been exposed. Most important, we expanded our virtual care at a rapid pace and let patients know they had a new access point for care.”

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