Integrating Generative AI Into Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

April 3, 2024

AI is a fast-moving train. Innovative health systems are jumping on board, testing new tools, and finding new use cases.


Chris Pace, chief digital marketing officer at Banner Health

Generative AI revolutionizes marketing and communications, offering unprecedented opportunities for customer engagement and personalization. According to a survey from, a generative AI chatbot company, 73 percent of marketing departments use generative AI to produce content.

Unlike traditional AI systems that rely on predefined rules or data, generative AI uses deep learning algorithms to analyze data and create new, original content based on patterns and trends identified within the data. In healthcare, generative AI has accelerated the drug discovery process and has been used to develop personalized medicine. Additionally, it has been used in medical imaging, orthopedics, and medical training. Now, many healthcare marketers are primed to join the revolution.

John Davey, vice president of marketing technology at Mount Sinai Health System, and Chris Pace, chief digital marketing officer at Banner Health, are two marketers riding the generative AI wave.

“In surfing, you can either surf on top of the wave or have the wave crash on top of you and you drown. Generative AI is like the wave. I know which one I want to do,” says Davey. “We’re a digital marketing team that wants to be on the forefront. We’re always looking for new tools, and this is a new tool that’s changing the world, so we wouldn’t want not to be a part of that.”

In November, Pace and Davey joined Carrie Liken, head of Industry for Healthcare at Yext, to discuss how generative AI can help healthcare marketing teams better meet the needs of patients at the Healthcare Internet Conference in Los Angeles.

Read the full article for insights on how to effectively implement generative AI into your healthcare marketing strategy, with success stories from Mount Sinai Health System and Banner Health: How Generative AI Transforms Marketing Operations at Mount Sinai, Banner Health

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