Focus on ChatGPT and Large Language Models: Exploring AI’s New Role in Healthcare Marketing

January 30, 2024

Exclusive Member Report

When ChatGPT was released, it caused a significant stir in the healthcare industry, prompting debates on the use of AI-driven large language models in healthcare. As these models continue to evolve, we can expect more sophisticated applications of AI in healthcare marketing, such as predictive analytics and personalized communication strategies.

While AI-powered technology offers many exciting benefits for healthcare marketers and communicators, it has also raised significant concerns about privacy, content quality, and misinformation. Other questions revolve around where these tools fit in the marketing work flow. Do they replace people? Or make them more efficient?

In this new report from eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, we’ll take you through the first full year of ChatGPT, exploring the opportunities, risks, and practical uses of generative AI in healthcare communication.

You’ll learn:

  • How AI will transform healthcare communications, including emerging uses of ChatGPT for healthcare content, possible risks, and where AI in healthcare communications is headed.
  • How generative AI can enhance social media marketing, including analytics, graphic design, and healthcare community management.
  • How leaders from Woebot Health, Banner Health, Providence, and Aha Media Group view the opportunities, risks, and potential pitfalls of large language models.
  • Popular AI tools plus views of top marketers from Penn Medicine and Ardent Health on the ways AI could increase productivity.
  • 5 key takeaways from the 2023 Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON).
  • How to write high-performance prompts for ChatGPT and how to incorporate ChatGPT into your workflow.

Our goal for this report — and all eHealthcare Strategy & Trends content — is to give you tools and tips, information and inspiration to develop your skills as a leader. We are confident that you will find high value, actionable ideas you can put to work for the benefit of your organization.