New, Stable Website Platform Provides Launching Pad for Health System’s Marketing Initiatives

October 7, 2015

SCL-Health-logoDo you hold your breath every time there’s a production push, hoping your hospital website doesn’t crash? If so, you can understand why Julie Lindsay, Director of Digital Services at SCL Health, started looking for a new Web content management system. “We just couldn’t take it anymore,” she says. “We needed a platform that was more stable.”

SCL Health, a $2.3 billion health system with eight hospitals in Colorado, Montana, and Kansas, migrated its websites to a top-rated Web content management solution, which will enable the system to personalize the consumer experience, deliver dynamic content, and gear up for a mobile-first redesign. “We’re looking at streamlining the process so that we can deliver really targeted content, but it’s not a bear to manage,” says Lindsay.

Is your existing Web technology holding you back?

Read our new article to learn how SCL Health built a strong new foundation for its consumer websites, and how the team plans to integrate the new CMS with its existing customer relationship management solution, plus add physician credentialing, physician reviews, automated content delivery, and much more. Go there now: SCL Health Undergoes Major “Re-Platforming” to Improve Site Functionality, Expand Digital Capabilities.

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