The Rise of “Tradigital” Marketing

September 23, 2020

// By Wendy Stark Healy //

It’s time to stop thinking about marketing as two separate components — traditional vs. digital — and blend the best tactics of each discipline. “Tradigital” combines the best of both strategies and is redefining healthcare marketing today.

Kathy Divis, president and co-founder, Greystone.Net

Kathy Divis, president and co-founder, Greystone.Net

That was the message of healthcare marketing consultants Kathy Divis, president and co-founder, Greystone.Net, and Rob Klein, founder and CEO, Klein & Partners, who presented on “Understanding Your Digital Customers” at the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Virtual Summit in August.

“Tradigital utilizes the best of both traditional and digital marketing, including print ads, public relations, direct mail, with customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, voice search, video channels, and chatbots,” says Divis. “We’re starting to see a blending of old and new.”

Klein agrees: “Time to put away the traditional terms, ‘traditional marketing’ and ‘digital marketing,’ and think of it as one discipline. Pick the best brand tactics to meet your goals.”

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