UnityPoint Health’s Consumer-Centric Content Strategy Drives Search Engine Rankings, Traffic and Referrals

February 17, 2015

unitypoint-health-logoIf you Google “deadly cancers” you’ll probably find a link to the Top Five Most Dangerous Cancers in Men and Women on page one of the search results page. The article and infographic was posted by Iowa-based UnityPoint Health, the fourth largest nondenominational health system in the U.S. UnityPoint has been busy optimizing its website content for consumers and for search, and the strategy is paying off.

A little less than two years ago, Iowa Health System announced that it was changing its name to UnityPoint Health. The rebranding effort signified a change in care delivery, from fragmented to unified. “We will work together as an organization to transform the previous care silos into a full continuum of care,” said CEO Bill Leaver in an April 2013 press release. The organization employs 30,000 and operates in nine regions throughout Iowa, western Illinois, and southern Wisconsin.

UnityPoint Health OverviewTo reinforce the new brand, UnityPoint embarked on an overhaul its Web properties, bringing everything together into one website (www.unitypoint.org). Working with Blue Compass Interactive, UnityPoint developed a consolidated website that gives users centralized access to all locations and services.

An important initiative of the redesign was to offer a content-rich environment. “We recognized that more and more consumers are using the Web as their source for health-related information,” said Michelle Torrey, Senior Digital Specialist at UnityPoint. “We saw it as an opportunity to provide medically sound information to our patients, community members, and users around the world.”

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