Winning with Digital Marketing Campaigns During the Pandemic’s Ups and Downs

November 17, 2020

Ask the Expert, with JK Lloyd, President, Eruptr

// By Jared Johnson //

Jared Johnson

Hospital digital teams continue to ask lots of questions about resuming and revising their digital marketing campaigns as COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise. For many, it continues to be a challenge to make decisions about how to revive key service-line campaigns while simultaneously mixing in COVID-19 informational messaging.

JK Lloyd, president of Eruptr, recently spoke with us about what his team hears from clients, and provided some guidance on how to approach digital campaigns.

eHST: What questions do you hear from hospital digital teams about planning their 2021 digital strategy?

JK Lloyd, President, Eruptr

JL: What we still hear is uncertainty from hospital systems on how they should attack the market. We see everything from a deer-in-the-headlights approach to “Hey, we’re ready to dive right back in and turn on those elective surgeries to start driving revenue again.”

Those questions fall into three buckets:

1. Should we run any campaigns at all?
2. Should we focus on more branding and awareness?
3. Are we ready to dive in and turn on our elective procedure campaigns?

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