Ask the Expert: What Does It Take to Win at Digital Marketing in Healthcare?

December 21, 2016

[Hint: It isn’t size and budget that make a leader a leader.]

// By Ben Dillon //

Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

For the past decade, Geonetric has performed its Digital Marketing in Healthcare survey to help healthcare marketers uncover industry trends, benchmark their own efforts, and better understand how to plan for upcoming digital initiatives.

As part of the analysis, we segment the respondents into leaders, average, and laggards, illustrating how each group tackles digital marketing and what they see as their top opportunities and biggest obstacles.

When you look at the data in this way you can’t help but wonder what makes one organization’s digital marketing efforts so much more successful than another’s. Let’s take a deep dive into the data to see what traits make up a leader, and learn why they can’t become too content in their position.

What Makes a Digital Leader in Healthcare?

The data illustrates that many organizations out there really excel at digital marketing. But how do they get there when so many others struggle?

In our recent webinar, Research Findings to Guide Your eHealth Strategies in 2017, Ben Dillon shared results from the 2017 Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare survey, sponsored by Geonetric and eHealthcare Strategy & Trends. Here, Ben zooms in on some key findings related to the differences between leaders and those still playing catch-up. For example, one in five “laggards” cite a particular obstacle as being the greatest barrier preventing success; zero(!) leader organizations identified it as an obstacle at all. What does it take to become a leader in digital marketing?

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