COVID Accelerates Digital-First Strategy at Two Systems

July 14, 2021
Morgan Griffith

Morgan Griffith, vice president of digital strategy and transformation, Bon Secours Mercy Health

Bon Secours Mercy Health, a 50-hospital health system spanning seven states and Ireland, was in the midst of redefining the patient journey experience when COVID hit.

“We’re one of the five largest Catholic healthcare systems in the U.S. — we have thousands of points of care and 60,000 associates. So, as you can imagine, making healthcare easy to access, from a digital perspective, it’s critically important for us,” says Morgan Griffith, vice president of digital strategy and transformation at Bon Secours Mercy Health.

The plan was to offer patients an Amazon-like experience — personalizing care, no matter how patients choose to access their care. Whether a patient chooses to pick up the phone, the mobile app, or visit the website, they would receive the same level of service.

With much of the groundwork laid — having conducted consumer research, defined pain points, identified solutions, and gotten buy-in — Griffith’s team was planning to roll out the new experience one market at a time.

“That very quickly changed when COVID hit. We went from doing a couple of hundred virtual visits a day to thousands of virtual visits a day. We had a need to be able to communicate personally and directly with consumers in a way that was unique to them based on their needs,” she recalled. “We had a roadmap that was very waterfall in nature that very quickly became an agile roadmap.”

Read the full article now and learn how COVID hastened the need for a digital-first strategy at both Bon Secours Mercy Health and City of Hope, and how their organizations used their customer relationship management (CRM) systems to keep up with demand:

How Two Health Systems Leverage CRM and EHR Functionality to Create the Digital Patient Experience Consumers Expect

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