iPad Check-In Solution Provides Myriad Marketing Benefits

January 24, 2018

christus-health-logoSometimes a technology solution adopted by healthcare administrators and clinicians produces unexpected benefits for marketers.

CHRISTUS Physician Group, with operations in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico, wanted to streamline patient check-in during office visits and improve collection of outstanding balances. To achieve these goals, the organization piloted, then implemented, a digital patient check-in solution from Epion Health, completing an enterprise-wide rollout by June 2017.

Laurie Lindsey, director of training and system support at CHRISTUS Physician Group

Laurie Lindsey, director of training and system support at CHRISTUS Physician Group

One outcome of the switch to digital check-in was a surge in email collection. “Our front desk asked for this in the past, but apparently the patients weren’t willing to give it to them,” says Laurie Lindsey, director of training and system support. “But put an iPad in front of them and they’ve all given it to us. It’s been a really interesting phenomenon.”

For marketers, email addresses offer expanded opportunities to engage with patients to drive strategic goals, and CHRISTUS Physician Group has plans to capitalize on the windfall. But email capture is only one of several positive outcomes the organization has seen since it began handing out iPads in the waiting room, and giving patients a way to interact digitally.

Epion currently works exclusively through athenahealth, which is CHRISTUS Physician Group’s practice management and electronic health record platform. Epion is a partner in athenahealth’s More Disruption Please network, which extends the capabilities of the cloud-based platform by “seamlessly integrating” with other solutions.

In our new story, we share more from Lindsey about CHRISTUS Physician Group’s successes to date, and learn from Epion’s chief executive officer what’s on the roadmap for marketers in 2018.

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