Reimagining the Online Doctor Profile

December 1, 2016

3 Strategies to Build Patient Trust and Drive More Online Appointments

// By Shawn Gross //

Shawn Gross, White RhinoPatients turn to online doctor profiles to learn something meaningful about the person who’s going to be managing their health. But often these profiles are little more than an abbreviated resume: an academic history, professional credentials, and a headshot. They rarely convey any real sense of who the doctor is or any real emotional connection.

And while some hospitals are beginning to add physician videos and star ratings to their online doctor profiles, this is a missed opportunity to build trust with prospective patients.

Imagine your hospital website as a highly immersive experience—comparable, say, to an IKEA store.

As you move through the store, it’s clear that IKEA has attempted to create a story out of each room. You envision your future living room, bedroom, or kitchen being a part of your life. By the time you reach the checkout area, you’re emotionally connected to that gray Norsberg couch you saw and have decided it is unquestionably the right purchase for you.

Now envision a Reimagined Doctor Profile as a similarly immersive experience that tells a story around each doctor. By the time you’re done scrolling through the beautiful page, a more personal connection is built with the physician—building trust and driving online appointments.

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