What Should the Telehealth Customer Journey Look Like? Ask the Expert, with Matt Hummel, Chief Experience Officer, Paragon

June 12, 2021

// By Jane Weber Brubaker //

jane-brubakerTelehealth skyrocketed during the pandemic as a way to keep patients and providers safe when in-person office visits weren’t absolutely necessary. The volume of virtual visits went from hundreds a month to thousands a day practically overnight, but the quality of the experience hasn’t always measured up. How do we make it better?

Matt Hummel, chief experience officer and vice president of consumer strategy and design, Paragon

To imagine the future, we reached out to Matt Hummel, chief experience officer at Paragon, a full-lifecycle digital strategy, design, and web solutions provider with deep experience in journey mapping and service design.

“If we were putting where telehealth is today on a maturity model, in most cases it would be low,” says Hummel. “We’re not really thinking through the journey. We’re not thinking through the experience, and I think it is ripe for that exploration.”

Thinking of telehealth as a service, we looked at what a typical experience is like now, and what it would it look like if it were optimized.

Not all appointment types are right for telehealth. Which services are the most appropriate? Which patients can benefit the most from telehealth?

Here are some takeaways from our conversation with Matt, edited for brevity and clarity.

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