eHealthcare Pulse

eNews Pulse, December 2013

RESOURCES New Public HCAHPS Scorecard introduced by Professional Research Consultants. Although it utilizes the national HCAHPS database, this tool is more user-friendly than the federal government’s Hospital Compare site and allows for direct comparisons of multiple hospitals. It also includes Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Incentive rates. The company’s clients can get an additional tool called VBP Read More

eNews Pulse, November 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS Free Messaging Platform Intro­duced to Improve Medication Adherence. Care4Today Mobile Health Manager 2.0, which also works on a website, sends out re­minders on scheduled medications to be taken and prompts a response from users that is recorded in an adherence report. Caregivers can link family members to their ac­count. Go to Hospital Read More

eNews Pulse, October 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS Concussion Recognition App Now Available for Free. The popular Concussion Recognition & Response app from PAR is available at the Apple App Store and at Google Play for Android devices. New Symptom Checker Identifies Conditions Caused by Drugs. The free personalized symptom checker from eHealthMe compares symptoms with more than 40 million drug Read More

eNews Pulse, September 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS Information on New State Health Insurance Exchanges for con­sumers is the subject of a new site at The site has a Spanish language version. New Healthcare Blog presented by and written by the chair of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices and CEO of the Permanente Medical Group, Robert Pearl, MD. Read More

eNews Pulse, August 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS Capital BlueCross Challenges Students to Develop Innovative Web-Based Tools or Mobile Apps to Improve Healthcare. Available to students age 18 and older, the challenge supports innovative ideas in one of three categories: financial, telemedical, and experiential. Top prize is $15,000. Work must be original and sub­mitted by November 22. Details at RESOURCES Read More

eNews Pulse, July 2013

RESOURCES Unique Online Patient-Physician Consultation launched in March at To preserve the patient-physician relationship, the patient’s health history is collected using an intuitive questionnaire, which is then transmitted to the pa­tient’s personal physician. Software allows the physician to interpret the patient’s symptoms and return a customized care plan, including a prescription order sent to Read More

eNews Pulse, June 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS New Kaiser Family Foundation Site Launched at Five websites and gateways have been consolidated into one site cen­tered on 10 health policy issues. All content on a topic – whether a fact sheet, poll, data table, video, or news report – is integrated for one-stop viewing. Assistance for Young People Whose Lives Read More

eNews Pulse, May 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS Help in Reducing Stress is the focus of a new mobile app available at Although developed for military healthcare providers to cope with burnout and compassion fatigue, the app is relevant for any medical provider working in a high-stress environment. The app seeks to help professionals reduce stress through restful breaks, educational Read More

eNews Pulse, April 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS Public Input on Health IT Strategic Planning is purpose of new site at The new platform is a collaboration between Cornell University’s eRulemaking Initiative and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. The initial focus, through May 9, will be on consumer e-health strategy. Helping Evaluate a Sports Concussion Read More

eNews Pulse, March 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS New Features Added to T2 Mood Tracker App. The app was de­veloped for the U.S. Department of Defense, and one notable new feature is the ability of users to send information to their home com­puters for long-term tracking. More than 100,000 people have down­loaded the app, which tracks how changes in home, work, Read More

eNews Pulse, February 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS Initiative to Help Eliminate Needle Phobia launched by Healthline Networks at It’s estimated that 50 million Americans are afraid of shots, a fear that usually starts at age 4 or 5 with a traumatic immunization experience. Since distraction appears to help ease a shot’s pain, the campaign to end needle phobia includes Read More

eNews Pulse, January 2013

WEBSITES New Tool to Track Patient Assistance Programs for Phar­maceuticals introduced at The Patient Assistance Program Update Service provides consumers and their advo­cates with daily and weekly emails updates of all pharmaceutical assistance programs.