Integration and Forethought Key To Success of Digital Healthcare Initiatives

March 16, 2016
Danny Fell

Daniel Fell, President and CEO of Neathawk Dubuque & Packett

“One of the most important things marketers and digital strategists can do is align their digital activities with marketing and organizational business goals,” says Daniel Fell.

“But often, in the urgency to adopt these new technologies and move projects forward, good strategic thinking can take a back seat to just getting things done. That’s unfortunate because it fails to set important benchmarks and performance measures from the start and undermines the real value that many new digital applications and channels can provide to businesses seeking more effective marketing and operational advances.”

Fell is President and CEO of Neathawk Dubuque & Packett, a full-service marketing communications agency headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. He is also a member of the eHealthcare Strategy & Trends Editorial Advisory Board.

Fell believes digital initiatives implemented in haste may allow healthcare organizations to check things off their “to-do” list—but that such initiatives rarely generate the desired ROI.

How to avoid this common (and costly) problem? “One approach to mitigating this situation involves establishing stronger marketing principles for everything you do involving digital,” Fell advises. “Think of these as philosophical or ‘point of view’ filters for evaluating, adopting, and maintaining your digital investments.

“[W]hile it can be tempting to assume that because digital marketing and traditional marketing lines have blurred to the point where it’s not even necessary to think differently about digital, the reality is that most organizations—especially healthcare organizations—still struggle with making digital marketing a seamless component of the entire marketing program.”

To learn how to make this important transition from struggle to seamless with your digital marketing initiatives, including the role of mobile apps and timely “thank you”s, read our full article now: Breakthrough Digital Success Requires Healthcare Marketers to Think Differently.

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