eHealthcare Leadership Awards: A Microcosm of Our Field

June 8, 2022

Jane Weber Brubaker, executive editor, Plain-English Health Care

For more than two decades, the eHealthcare Leadership Awards have showcased creativity and innovation in digital communications that support healthcare organizations’ marketing and business goals, and enhance patient and consumer experiences.

Here’s a message from the new co-chair of the awards, Susan Dubuque:

I am honored to serve as co-chair for this year’s eHealthcare Leadership Awards. In preparing for this role, I had the opportunity to delve into the history and progression of the awards with Jane Weber Brubaker, who orchestrated the program for the past five years; co-chair Matt Humphrey, president of Plain-English Health Care, which owns and produces the awards; and Kathy Divis from Greystone.Net, whose Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) hosts the awards show.

“The eHealthcare Leadership Awards are a microcosm of our field,” says Brubaker. “The categories reflect the state of digital technology, the healthcare industry, and the world around us.”

“The community participation in the eHealthcare Leadership Awards is really amazing,” notes Humphrey. “It’s a special way that this community celebrates the important work it does and recognizes the best of the best.”

Divis comments, “When viewed across time, the eHealthcare Leadership Awards demonstrate the speed, breadth, and depth at which the industry has matured, and how the advances have helped healthcare organizations provide a better patient experience.”

Read Dubuque’s full message now to learn how all the members of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards community benefit from this pillar of our industry:

eHealthcare Leadership Awards Reflect the Evolution of Our Industry

Best regards,
Matt Humphrey

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