Strategic Repurposing: How to Get the Most Out of Your Content

March 6, 2024

Andy Crestodina, a well-known SEO expert

Hospitals and healthcare organizations produce an astounding amount of content. Thousands of blog posts, service line pages, emails, social media posts and other collateral probably come out of your department every year.

But knowing these stats makes all your efforts and content production worth it:

  • 77 percent of health searches begin online.
  • 95 percent of patients say social media is the most effective way to reach

How Strategic Repurposing Can Help Your Content Sparkle

Creating significant, strategic content for your audiences is exciting — and exhausting. And if your social media and content marketing are divided by arbitrary organizational charts, it’s even harder to squeeze every drop of ROI out of your content.

But you can achieve content greatness. Here are 4 approaches to content repurposing:

  1. Update existing content.
  2. Create connective tissue between content.
  3. Publish small and then stack.
  4. Plan for repurposing from the beginning.

In a recent article, we examine each approach and reveal how to use them effectively based on your organization and content strategy.

Read the full article here: Four Ways to Repurpose Your Content

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