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Which User Testing Tool Is Right For You?

Bill Citro, Communications and Marketing Senior Analyst at Nebraska Medicine

You’ve been working on your website redesign for many months. At key points along the way you solicited feedback from your physician committee and other stakeholders in your organization. Now you’re finally ready to let internal users test the site before the public launch. What are the right tools to use to get user feedback? Read More

3 User Testing Tools: Seeing Your Hospital’s Website Through Users’ Eyes


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // You’ve been working on your website redesign for many months. At key points along the way you solicited feedback from your physician committee and other stakeholders in your organization. Now you’re finally ready to let internal users test the site before the public launch. Or maybe you revamped your Read More

Integration and Forethought Key To Success of Digital Healthcare Initiatives

Danny Fell

“One of the most important things marketers and digital strategists can do is align their digital activities with marketing and organizational business goals,” says Daniel Fell. “But often, in the urgency to adopt these new technologies and move projects forward, good strategic thinking can take a back seat to just getting things done. That’s unfortunate Read More

Improve the Measurement of Your Digital Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

Influece Health Measure Up White Paper Cover

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Do your healthcare marketing metrics help you make the most of your digital marketing budget?

Download your copy of this new white paper from Influence Health, authored by Michael Sengbusch.

As healthcare marketers how do we know what to count? Are we counting things purely because they are countable? Are we on a quest to count metrics that are beyond our control or out of reach?

Are we making choices based on metrics that really have no effect on healthcare decisions? Are we counting metrics that are only relevant in other industries?

In this white paper, you’ll get an incredibly thorough and practical framework on how to measure your healthcare marketing campaigns on their:

  • Targeting, leveraging the amazing segmentation of digital channels like Facebook
  • Reach, including how quickly and frequently the target market is exposed to your campaign
  • Engagement, and the differences between search and social for key metrics
  • Influence of healthcare decisions, and the nuances of the many types of conversions we must consider in healthcare.
  • Budget efficiency, and the ratios between 3 metrics required to track it.

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Is Open-Source Software the Right Solution For Your Hospital, Health System, or Physician Group?

Ken Rickard

“Medicine, like science, depends on the free exchange of information to produce the best outcomes for patients,” says Ken Rickard. “Software should be designed with the same goal in mind.” Rickard is the Director of Professional Services at Chicago-based consulting and development firm He believes software decisions are a crucial element of healthcare strategy. “Software Read More

Create a Site That Engages and Converts

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How To Master the Replatforming Process at Your Organization

Your Presenters:

You’ll learn:

  • How to successfully master your website replatforming project and the accompanying change management challenges
  • The importance of identifying goals for your new website that are both realistic and relevant
  • Keys to identifying the “mission critical” tasks that need to be tackled first—and what can wait until Phase 2
  • What to do if the scope of the work reaches beyond what your existing marketing/digital teams can manage
  • How to measure ROI for data-driven insight
  • Strategies for getting all key stakeholders on the same page and working in tandem
  • Why your new website must align with your overarching marketing and digital strategy, and how to ensure this happens
  • How to create a replicable roadmap for success that can be adapted and re-used for other digital projects, website initiatives, and technology implementations at your organization
  • A real-life success story: How SCL Health replatformed its website and achieved big increases in site traffic (up 75%), organic traffic (up 20%), and total new users (up 68%)
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The State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare; Survey Results Download

tate of digital marketing in healthcare

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Download your copy of the results of the State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare in 2015 Survey today.

The white paper, encapsulating the results, is now available. It provides valuable insights to help CEOs, CMOs, Web leaders and others assess the current state of their organization’s digital efforts, compare themselves to their peers and look at future opportunities. In the white paper, you’ll find healthcare-specific details about:

The use of:

  • Online and digital marketing techniques
  • Content management software (CMS)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Marketing automation
  • Return on investment and key performance indicators
  • Importance/Effectiveness of digital marketing efforts
  • Driving digital transformation of a healthcare brand
  • Web innovations
  • Available resources
  • And much more.

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Online Physician Promotion for the Healthcare Marketer


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This comprehensive eBook published by Geonetric has everything you to need to create an effective physician promotion strategy. You’ll gain powerful, research-based insights into how patients choose physicians, ensuring you’re providing the information that actually impacts patient acquisition.

You’ll also discover how criteria like conditions, accepting new patients and proximity factor into qualifying physicians, and how likability, expertise and convenience influence the evaluation process. With that foundation in place, you’ll then move to tactics you can promote right away.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use SEO, content marketing and social media to drive qualified visitors to your online provider directory
  • Create online physician profiles that connect with site visitors, humanize your doctors and drive conversions
  • Use physician ratings to demonstrate skill and expertise

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B2C Marketing Predictions 2015

The results of an Economist Intelligence Unit survey, commissioned by Marketo, indicate that 99% of marketers plan to invest in marketing technologies in the next year. Here are other key findings: Impact on Revenue Of the B2C marketers surveyed, more than half (55%) feel that their marketing departments are regarded as little more than a Read More

Protect Your Investment With Usability Testing and Eye Tracking

// By Sandra Fancher // Mark Twain once said, “Supposing is good, but finding out is better.” As a Web and marketing professional, you know it’s easy to immerse yourself in a Web project and assume every choice or assump­tion you make will be clear to every­one. You know what’s worked in the past. You Read More

How Do I ‘Easily’ Calculate ROI in Service-Line Marketing?

Ask The Expert with Scott McRae Calculating return on investment for a service-line marketing campaign can be elu­sive and is not for the faint of heart. How­ever, demonstrating that your marketing efforts contrib­ute to your organization’s bottom line communicates the value of your function and benefits your career. Where to begin To demonstrate the calculation Read More