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Choosing the Best CMS for Healthcare Consumer Engagement

The wrong CMS won't get the job done. This guide helps you find one that will

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In today’s healthcare marketing landscape, you face a variety of challenges and competing priorities. Engaging consumers digitally is a top CEO priority, but only 26% of organizations feel “completely ready” to execute digital strategies. Meanwhile, CIOs prioritize preparing for and dealing with internet security, which affects your marketing team’s speed and flexibility in digital engagement.

Because of these complex demands, finding a CMS that satisfies everyone can be overwhelming.

Read Influence Health’s latest white paper, Choosing the Best CMS for Healthcare, now to learn how the right CMS can help you:

  • Create, edit, and publish content without heavy IT involvement
  • Easily personalize content with rich data insights
  • Track progress and effectiveness in real-time
  • Uphold security and scale efforts with cloud-based structure
  • Get Marketing and IT departments on the same page

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2017 Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare [eBook]

2017 Digital Marketing Trends Survey eBook

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Get the data you need to plan your 2017 digital marketing initiatives.

In Geonetric’s recent Healthcare Digital Marketing survey, co-sponsored by eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, healthcare marketers just like you told us their top digital priorities and biggest challenges for 2017.

Download this eBook and benchmark your organization’s online strategies against peers and better understand the current state of digital marketing in healthcare. In addition, utilizing these valuable industry trends will help as you plan future marketing initiatives.

You will learn:

  • How budgets and teams are shifting
  • Which tactics and techniques are producing the most effective results
  • What your competitors are spending on digital
  • Where you should be focusing your web development energy
  • How the most effective healthcare marketers plan and track activities

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Do You Accurately Value Your Hospital’s Website Conversions?

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google

In a recent eHST “Ask the Expert” column with Avinash Kaushik, Digital Evangelist at Google and Co-Founder of Market Motive Inc., we briefly touched on the concept of economic value in the context of web analytics and website goals. “Without goals and goal values, you are not doing web analytics,” says Kaushik. Goals are conversions, Read More

Reimagining the Online Doctor Profile

Shawn Gross, White Rhino

3 Strategies to Build Patient Trust and Drive More Online Appointments // By Shawn Gross // Patients turn to online doctor profiles to learn something meaningful about the person who’s going to be managing their health. But often these profiles are little more than an abbreviated resume: an academic history, professional credentials, and a headshot. Read More

How Healthcare Organizations Should Leverage the Power of Marketing Automation

Robin Snow

“Marketing automation refers to the software platforms and technologies that facilitate digital marketing strategies by automating certain repetitive tasks,” says Robin Snow, founder and principal of Aefinity Interactive, LLC. “[It] allows for personalized communication on a massive scale.” While the idea of automating marketing initiatives is undeniably appealing, what does it involve in practical terms? Read More

Is Online Ad Fraud Hurting the ROI of Your Digital Campaigns?


If you have money to burn on digital advertising, then pay no attention to this article. But if you’re like most health systems, you’re scrambling to prove that the ad dollars you’ve been allotted are netting great results that warrant bigger budgets. So what happens if a big chunk of your online ads is never Read More

What Is Your Hospital Website Worth?

Jane Weber Brubaker, Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // In a recent eHST “Ask the Expert” column with Avinash Kaushik, Digital Evangelist at Google and Co-Founder of Market Motive Inc., we briefly touched on the concept of economic value in the context of web analytics and website goals. “Without goals and goal values, you are not doing web Read More

What Is Marketing Automation and How Can You Leverage It at Your Healthcare Organization?

Robin Snow

// By Robin Snow // Marketing automation refers to the software platforms and technologies that facilitate digital marketing strategies by automating certain repetitive tasks. Higher-end marketing automation software provides marketing intelligence and advanced workflows that marketers can leverage to more efficiently and effectively communicate with targeted prospects and customers through multiple channels. Marketing automation is Read More

Top Healthcare Marketing Initiatives for 2017: Be Better, Faster, Smarter

Gary Druckenmiller, Marketing Practice Leader at Evariant

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An eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists

Your Presenter:
Gary Druckenmiller, Marketing Practice Leader, Evariant

Are you ready to create marketing resolutions for 2017? The New Year is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to think about new ideas and strategies to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

In a dynamic new webinar, Gary Druckenmiller, Marketing Practice Leader at Evariant, will discuss the top initiatives that must be on your 2017 marketing roadmap. The presentation will dive into new marketing strategies you can start using today, share advice for resources planning, elaborate on tips for launching effective pilot programs, and review the important marketing metrics you need to start tracking now.

View this in-depth webinar now and get a head start on best practices for 2017.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Map your patient journey(s)
  • Get serious about your marketing technology (MarTech) stack
  • Achieve cross-functional alignment & collaboration
  • Use data effectively to drive strategic decisions
  • Focus on ROI—and other important marketing metrics
  • And much more…

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Eliminating Online Ad Fraud: There’s a New Sheriff in Town


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // If you have money to burn on digital advertising, then pay no attention to this article. But if you’re like most health systems, you’re scrambling to prove that the ad dollars you’ve been allotted are netting great results that warrant bigger budgets. So what happens if a big chunk Read More

Online Reputation Management Success Kit for Healthcare Providers

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Do you know what patients are saying about your healthcare organization online? If not, it’s time to find out. Neglect your online reputation and you will lose new admissions.

Online reviews have reshaped how healthcare providers are found, so it’s critical to understand how positive reviews attract potential patients, how negative ones drive them away, and what you can do to turn satisfied patients into online advocates.

This guide will give you the fundamentals of Online Reputation Management, to help you:

  • Earn more positive reviews
  • Raise your search ranking
  • Improve patient experience

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Digital Marketing in Healthcare Webinar

Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

Research Findings to Guide Your eHealth Strategies in 2017

A webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists

Sponsored by eHealthcare Strategy & Trends and Geonetric

Your Presenter:

  • Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

Digital budgets are increasing at hospitals and health systems across the country. Physician ratings and reviews are being added to provider directories at a rapid pace. Healthcare organizations cite a lack of time and budget as barriers to digital progress, but their digital agency partners tell a different story…

In a new webinar, Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer at Geonetric, will share results from a just completed industry survey of digital strategy leaders at more than 200 healthcare organizations and agencies.

Healthcare marketers just like you told us their top digital priorities and biggest challenges for 2017.

View this in-depth webinar now, and you’ll walk away with valuable insights on everything from what your competitors are spending on digital to where you should be focusing your web development energy.

You’ll learn:

  • The new digital and web strategies your competitors are preparing to launch
  • How your organization’s online strategies stack up against peers
  • Whether your investments in digital marketing are in line with industry averages
  • How your team’s size and structure matches up against similar organizations
  • Plus much more…

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Precision Healthcare Marketing

Penn thumbnail logo

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How to Improve Patient Engagement, Revenue, and Profitability—Lessons from Penn Medicine’s Transformation to Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Originally presented September 3, 2015.
Your Presenters:

  • Suzanne Sawyer, Chief Marketing Officer, Penn Medicine
  • Rob Grant, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Evariant

Members can watch this on-demand webinar below. (Not a member yet? Start your trial membership and watch now.)

In this webinar, which was originally presented on Sept. 3, 2015, Suzanne Sawyer, then Chief Marketing Officer of Penn Medicine (now Vice President, Portfolio Marketing at IBM Watson Health, and member of the eHealthcare Strategy & Trends Editorial Advisory Board), shares lessons learned from transforming her organization from traditional marketing to digital and data-driven methods, and how this four-year journey helped Penn Medicine reach new patients and better engage with its current ones. We guarantee you’ll gain insight that will help your own organization make its marketing more targeted, more accountable, and more profitable.

Suzanne and her team successfully implemented a technology platform that supports more targeted marketing and communications with patients, consumers, and referring physicians. They created a robust digital marketing program that is trackable, highly targeted, and very effective.

Penn chose Evariant as its CRM provider. Over the past four years, they’ve collaborated on 100 digital campaigns that have generated more than 20,000 digital leads, 38% of which have converted to patients. You’ll get the inside scoop on their approach, from platform implementation, data integration, and staffing, to campaign deployment, analytics, and a reliable ROI. Find out how their continuous learning approach to digital marketing has improved results (and how yours can, too!)

You’ll learn:

  • How—and why—Penn Medicine transformed its marketing function to be more digitally focused and data driven.
  • The results of Penn Medicine’s 100 digital campaigns, and how to use what its marketers learned to transform your organization’s marketing success.
  • The most effective marketing communications strategies for increasing cross selling/upselling to patients and other consumers.
  • What the Penn marketing team analyzed—and the value of using those analytics—to better manage and assess campaigns.
  • Practical tips that will help you find the right CRM solution for your organization.
  • How to build a marketing technology platform that supports targeted marketing and better communication with patients, consumers, and referring physicians.
  • How to get good results using Penn’s continuous learning approach to digital marketing.

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What Do Customers Hate About Your Hospital’s Website?

Are your website visitors captive customers? When an organization fails to meet customer expectations—and the bar has been set high by industries outside of healthcare—the impact on brand can be great. More than a third of visitors to health system websites surveyed by Greystone.Net and Klein & Partners, creators of gSight™, a healthcare and hospital Read More

5 Steps to 5 Stars: How to Get Great Online Patient Reviews

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Nearly 77% of healthcare seekers begin their search for a provider using a search engine.

Your online reputation matters. Whether you ask for feedback or not, patients share their experience online—and their reviews heavily influence whether prospective patients choose you or a competitor.

If your healthcare organization’s reviews don’t match the quality of care you provide, you’re losing new admissions and walk-ins.

In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, a difference of one “star” in the average rating can lead to a 5-9% difference in revenue.

As a marketing professional, one of the most important things you can do for your organization’s reputation is develop an online review generation and monitoring program.

Download this white paper to get 5 insider tips to develop a systematic approach with the power to:

  • Improve awareness in search, and how you look on social media and third-party review sites
  • Enhance patient experience and satisfaction
  • Grow admissions and revenue

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Campaign Return On Investment and Attributions in Healthcare Marketing

Evariant White Paper Campaign ROI and Attribution in Healthcare Marketing

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Turn your marketing organization into a revenue and profit center by targeting profitable patients, consumers and providers with effective outreach programs.

Evariant has developed capabilities and an approach in its industry-leading CRM platform to plan, measure and attribute Return on Investment in your overall healthcare business and service line(s).

This paper explains how ROI can be incorporated into campaign activities—with or without the Evariant platform.

You’ll get a number of general marketing definitions as well as healthcare specific terms and concepts that will help clarify your organization’s marketing measurement—and help improve your campaigns.

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Online Reputation in Healthcare [Webinar]

Online Reputation in Healthcare Webinar Recording

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How to Improve Online Visibility and Ratings to Attract More Patients

An eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar for healthcare marketers and digital strategists

Sponsored by

Your Presenters:

  • Pascal Bensoussan, Chief Product Officer,
  • Steve Conlee, Marketing Consultant, American Family Care

Nearly every consumer decision starts with an online search—and there is no more important consumer decision than healthcare. In fact, nearly 80 percent of patients begin their search for a healthcare system online.

For better or worse, your reputation is prominently displayed across the digital realm for all to see. Star ratings and reviews play a critical role in how patients evaluate your organization, your practitioners and your standard of care.

It’s time to bring your online reputation in line with the standard of care you really provide. Whether you’re looking to grow a practice or drive new patients and referrals into a major hospital system, a well-managed online reputation is critical to your success.

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Which User Testing Tool Is Right For You?

Bill Citro, Communications and Marketing Senior Analyst at Nebraska Medicine

You’ve been working on your website redesign for many months. At key points along the way you solicited feedback from your physician committee and other stakeholders in your organization. Now you’re finally ready to let internal users test the site before the public launch. What are the right tools to use to get user feedback? Read More

Integration and Forethought Key To Success of Digital Healthcare Initiatives

Danny Fell

“One of the most important things marketers and digital strategists can do is align their digital activities with marketing and organizational business goals,” says Daniel Fell. “But often, in the urgency to adopt these new technologies and move projects forward, good strategic thinking can take a back seat to just getting things done. That’s unfortunate Read More

Improve the Measurement of Your Digital Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

Influece Health Measure Up White Paper Cover

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Do your healthcare marketing metrics help you make the most of your digital marketing budget?

As healthcare marketers how do we know what to count? Are we counting things purely because they are countable? Are we on a quest to count metrics that are beyond our control or out of reach?

Are we making choices based on metrics that really have no effect on healthcare decisions? Are we counting metrics that are only relevant in other industries?

In this white paper published by Influence Health, you’ll get an incredibly thorough and practical framework on how to measure your healthcare marketing campaigns.

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Is Open-Source Software the Right Solution For Your Hospital, Health System, or Physician Group?

Ken Rickard

“Medicine, like science, depends on the free exchange of information to produce the best outcomes for patients,” says Ken Rickard. “Software should be designed with the same goal in mind.” Rickard is the Director of Professional Services at Chicago-based consulting and development firm He believes software decisions are a crucial element of healthcare strategy. “Software Read More

The State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare; Survey Results Download

tate of digital marketing in healthcare

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Download your copy of the results of the State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare in 2015 Survey today.

The white paper, encapsulating the results, is now available. It provides valuable insights to help CEOs, CMOs, Web leaders and others assess the current state of their organization’s digital efforts, compare themselves to their peers and look at future opportunities. In the white paper, you’ll find healthcare-specific details about:

The use of:

  • Online and digital marketing techniques
  • Content management software (CMS)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Marketing automation
  • Return on investment and key performance indicators
  • Importance/Effectiveness of digital marketing efforts
  • Driving digital transformation of a healthcare brand
  • Web innovations
  • Available resources
  • And much more.

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Online Physician Promotion for the Healthcare Marketer


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This comprehensive eBook published by Geonetric has everything you to need to create an effective physician promotion strategy. You’ll gain powerful, research-based insights into how patients choose physicians, ensuring you’re providing the information that actually impacts patient acquisition.

You’ll also discover how criteria like conditions, accepting new patients and proximity factor into qualifying physicians, and how likability, expertise and convenience influence the evaluation process. With that foundation in place, you’ll then move to tactics you can promote right away.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use SEO, content marketing and social media to drive qualified visitors to your online provider directory
  • Create online physician profiles that connect with site visitors, humanize your doctors and drive conversions
  • Use physician ratings to demonstrate skill and expertise

Learn more or download now »