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How Can Digital Technology Support Brand Building?

Ask The Expert with Mike Reinhardt Arguments are made regularly that a brand is an organization’s most valuable asset. A chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola once said that if the company lost all of its facilities and people, he could rebuild the com­pany – provided he retained the rights to the brand. He said he Read More

How Do I ‘Easily’ Calculate ROI in Service-Line Marketing?

Ask The Expert with Scott McRae Calculating return on investment for a service-line marketing campaign can be elu­sive and is not for the faint of heart. How­ever, demonstrating that your marketing efforts contrib­ute to your organization’s bottom line communicates the value of your function and benefits your career. Where to begin To demonstrate the calculation Read More

Should My Website and Print Publications Be Connected?

Ask The Expert with Jeremy Dietz For many years, print publications have served as one of a hospital marketer’s best communications tools. Despite the rise of digital media, that hasn’t changed. Print publications are still a highly effective way to deliver information to your entire community on your schedule. But your print efforts shouldn’t stand Read More

Can Lifetime Value of a Patient Be Calculated? Is It Worth the Effort?

Daniel Ansel

// Ask The Expert with Daniel E. Ansel // It’s a commonly accepted maxim that it costs five times more to re­cruit a new cus­tomer than to retain a satisfied one, yet when I ask hospitals and health systems if they’re concerned or think about tracking the “lifetime value” of a patient, they usually don’t Read More

How Do I Best Create Valuable Website Content?

Ask The Expert with Ben Dillon Content manage­ment is one of the most difficult – and most over­looked – pieces of Web development. The average hos­pital website comprises more than 1,500 pages of unique content. Cre­ating and maintaining all that con­tent requires more work than most administrators can easily manage, especially if they lack full-time Read More

How Can I Best Use Digital Communications to Market to Referring Physicians?

Ask The Expert with Daniel Fell On balance, most hospital system websites are consumer-oriented, mean­ing the content and its presentation are organized to appeal to patients and potential pa­tients. Although some sites have links to unique content for other user audiences such as employees and healthcare professionals – and a few even utilize prominent tabs Read More

What Should Digital Healthcare Directors Focus on in 2013? Part Two

Ask the Expert with Mark S. Gothberg Winners of the 2012 eHealthcare Leader­ship Awards, the com­petition’s 13th year, were recognized in mid-November in Las Vegas during a pres­entation at a healthcare Internet con­ference sponsored by Atlanta-based Greystone.Net. The December issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends listed the winners. Key provisions of the Affordable Care Act Read More