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Teach Your Physicians and Staff How to Blog Effectively

// by Grace Jones // Starting a hospital blog can often seem like a daunting task. What should we name the blog? What topics should it be about? Who is our audience? How often should we post? These are all good questions to ask when starting a blog. Yet none of them matters if you Read More

The Best and Worst of Celebrity Endorsements in Healthcare Social Media Marketing

by Jennifer Redmond Only in this day and age would a high school student’s tweets garner the attention of  White House staffers and earn a spot in national headlines. But that’s exactly what happened as the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama made its way up the trending charts in mid-November 2014. Accompanying the sardonic hashtag were unappealing photos Read More

The Evolution of “Social Interaction” to “Social Marketing”

by Dan Fredricks Humans are absolute social beings. We have evolved this trait over hundreds of millennia to ensure our success in the two major aspects of life—survival and reproduction. Understanding that we have been hardwired by evolution to be profoundly social is a major advantage to healthcare marketers. This knowledge will enable you to Read More

Consolidating a Hospital’s Brand Presence on the Web

by Ted Balowski Having an effective Web presence is critically important for a hospital or healthcare organization, but how should that presence appear for a brand with more than one location? Is it a good idea for a brand with multiple locations or offerings to consolidate efforts? In the past decade, there have been profound Read More

Using Condition Content to Lead Patients to You Online

by Mike Maloney and Katrina VanTyne In 2012, Google published a landmark study about the hospital selection process, “The Digital Journey to Wellness.” According to the study, 75 percent of searches by prospective patients revolve around four specific areas: conditions, diseases, symptoms, and departments. Our web team at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, VT, Read More

Optimize Use of Social Media in a Social Media Crisis

by Sheryl S. Jackson Proactive Planning and Simulating a Situation Prepare Social Media Managers Healthcare organizations may not have moved as quickly to adopt social media as other industries, but of the 1,562 hospitals self-reporting social media use, 1,300 hospitals have Facebook pages, 1,005 have Twitter accounts, and 1,084 use Foursquare, according to the Social Read More

On-Site, Broadcast-Quality Studios Put Hospitals in the News

by Theresa Jacobellis Jacobellis It’s a hospital media person’s dream: a major news stor with a healthcare angle breaks, and your hospital happens to employ the nation’s foremost expert on the subject. Unfortunately, unless you are located in New York, Atlanta, or another major market, your chances of landing an interview with a national news Read More

eNews Pulse, May 2014

RESOURCES Social Media Analytics Tools Adopted by 61 Percent of Marketers, finds a study conducted by Demand Metric and sponsored by NetBase. The major cited uses of analytics were for campaign tracking (60 percent), brand analysis (48 per­cent), competitive intelligence (40 percent), and customer care (36 per­cent). Other key findings in the study were: Social Read More

PinnacleHealth Creates Three Paths to Consumer Engagement

by Mark S. Gothberg “People always talk about how great is and how all websites should be like it. But a healthcare site shouldn’t be like Amazon, where a consumer buys a book and then browses the site for other things of interest to buy. People have very specific interests in healthcare, and a Read More

Focus on Social Business, Not Social Media

by Mark S. Gothberg “We have to keep in mind … that we must bring value to the or­ganization. To do that, we have to identify our goals and keep track of our results. The use of social networks is no different from our other marketing tools – they must deliver a concrete, measurable contribution,” Read More

How Should We Align Our Hospital Strategy With Generational Shifts and Values?

Ask The Expert with Ted Balowski With the healthcare Web environment rapidly changing, new technologies are constantly emerging and are being adopted in varying degrees by demographic target groups. Now, four generations have unprecedented access to healthcare information and the providers that deliver it. According to a 2013 survey by Econsultancy, four in 10 global Read More

What Should Digital Healthcare Directors Focus on in 2014? Part Two

Ask The Expert with Mark S. Gothberg Winners of the 2013 eHealthcare Leader­ship Awards, the com­petition’s 14th year, were recognized in November in New Orleans during a pres­entation at a healthcare Internet con­ference sponsored by Atlanta-based Greystone.Net. The November issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends listed the winners. Last month’s “Ask the Expert” column discussed Read More

What Should Digital Healthcare Directors Focus on in 2014? Part One

Ask The Expert with Mark S. Gothberg Key provisions of the Affordable Care Act will be in full force on January 1 – less than two months away. Millions of newly insured con­sumers will be seek­ing health services, with many of them having limited knowledge of how the healthcare system works or the providers serving Read More

Lessons Learned in Building the Brand Through Health Content and Social Media

by Mark S. Gothberg Conventional Thinking Often Wrong With its total national awareness far below that of Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cleveland Clinic decided to take a novel ap­proach to building the brand. In March 2012, Cleveland Clinic launched Health Hub, a site very different from the organi­zation’s primary website at, and Read More

Hashtags on Facebook Don’t Boost Viral Impact

Facebook introduced hashtags on its news feed in June with the expecta­tion that they would increase reach. But a study by EdgeRank Checker finds that hashtags didn’t increase exposure at all. Posts with hashtags actually had less viral reach. Also, posts with hashtags had a lower level of engagement, and organic reach exhibited a slight Read More

eNews Pulse, October 2013

WEBSITES/MOBILE APPLICATIONS Concussion Recognition App Now Available for Free. The popular Concussion Recognition & Response app from PAR is available at the Apple App Store and at Google Play for Android devices. New Symptom Checker Identifies Conditions Caused by Drugs. The free personalized symptom checker from eHealthMe compares symptoms with more than 40 million drug Read More

The Digital Future of Physician Relations

by Lyle Green and Dan Dunlop In May 2013, a group of physician relations profes­sionals and thought leaders gathered in Houston to develop a vision for the future of physician relations. Recognizing the growing adoption of digital media by medical profes­sionals, the assembled experts sought to define the future role of the physician relations specialist Read More

Getting the Most out of LinkedIn and Facebook for Recruitment

by Carolyn Carter Within the year, the Affordable Care Act will add an es­timated 32 million individuals to health insurance rolls – creating new de­mand for healthcare services and, many experts believe, a critical shortage of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers. In this new healthcare landscape, hiring (and retaining) the right people will be Read More

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