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Web Analytics: A Digital Healthcare Marketer’s BFF

Jaimie Somlai

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Two years ago, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare launched its new website,, built on Geonetric’s VitalSite CMS (content management system). One of the top priorities of the redesign was to make it easier for visitors to find physicians, choose physicians, and request appointments. “Before we redesigned our site, I would Read More

Evidence-Based Design Moves Beyond Mere Aesthetics To Drive Results

“We’re lucky enough to live in an era when design is no longer viewed as decoration,” says Emily Kagan Trenchard, Associate Vice President of Digital Marketing Strategy for Northwell Health (formerly the North Shore-LIJ Health System). But even though “[w]e understand it as a core principle that shapes our everyday interaction…that doesn’t always mean we Read More

After the New Website, What Comes Next?

With so many major changes occurring in every aspect of healthcare, health systems today are advancing into new realms and evolving new models to better serve constituents. This means that before one major project is complete, a new one is already on the drawing board. Such is the case with the digital marketing agenda of Read More

Why Orlando Health Shifted to a Patient-First Strategy

The social media budget at Orlando Health will double next year. But the health system’s social media strategy was anything but robust four years ago when Chantal Stephens came on board as Director of Marketing and Physician Sales. “Social media at the time was a very small part of the marketing story. It was a Read More

Evidence-Based Design: The Science of Better User Experiences

// By Emily Kagan Trenchard // We’re lucky enough to live in an era when design is no longer viewed as decoration. We understand it as a core principle that shapes our everyday interaction—from how we answer the smartphone in our pocket, to how we pay for things with a swipe of a card. We Read More

How Does a Digital Marketer Transition from E-Commerce to Healthcare?

Ask the Expert, with Scott Mowery, Director of Digital Services at Cleveland Clinic // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Scott Mowery, Director of Digital Services at Cleveland Clinic, presented at HCIC 2015. His background in e-commerce intrigued us. We wanted to know how it shaped his approach to digital marketing in healthcare. We also wanted Read More

Ask the Expert: From E-Greetings to E-Healthcare

Scott Mowery, Director of Digital Services at Cleveland Clinic, presented at HCIC 2015. He used to work at American Greetings Interactive, and his background in e-commerce intrigued us. According to Scott, there’s a lot of overlap between e-commerce and healthcare marketing: “At American Greetings [my whole job was about] seeing how many subscribers turned into paying Read More

How To Improve Your Healthcare Facility’s Online Reputation

Sixty-six percent of respondents to Nielsen’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising survey say they trust consumer opinions posted online. Reviews are the third-most-trusted source, after recommendations from friends and family (83 percent), and branded websites (70 percent). Yet Pew Research statistics indicate that only 3 to 4 percent of consumers write online reviews of treatments, hospitals, Read More

Kindred Healthcare Dramatically Improves Its Online Reputation

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The CEO of Kindred Hospital in Mansfield, Texas was concerned. A patient and the patient’s family member had previously committed to coming to the facility. “Then they went online, and they read the reviews, and they came back and told [the facility] that they were not coming any longer,” Read More

Establishing Conversion Tools for Hospital Websites

Stephen Moegling

// By Stephen Moegling // The Internet is the primary source for consumers to search for products and services instantly. Healthcare solutions are no exception. Hospitals are becoming savvier at using their website vehicles to convert prospective patients in the “golden moment” when those prospects are making active healthcare decisions. In addition, because the decision-making Read More

Two-Tiered Performance Measurement: The Gold Standard for Modern Marketing

// By Kyra Hagan // Good marketers continually try to figure out which strategies and tactics will work best to achieve or exceed their goals. They spend days, sometimes weeks, compiling metrics and spreadsheets attempting to both understand and clearly articulate the story hiding within the data. But let’s face it—when it comes to effectively Read More

WellSpan Health Uses LionShare’s CRM and Marketing Automation Platform to Crack the Code on Portal Sign-ups

// Ask the Expert, with Caty Wolf // Caty Wolf is Manager of Marketing Communications at WellSpan Health, an integrated health system in central Pennsylvania. She is responsible for CRM and marketing automation, and works with LionShare’s business intelligence and CRM platform, DIATA®. WellSpan is using marketing automation to acquire and activate consumers on its Read More

From 0 to 365: Tips for Your First Year at a New Healthcare Organization

Andy Gradel, System Director of Digital Marketing, Main Line Health

// By Andy Gradel // My father spent practically his entire career working for the same company. With the change of our workforce from a production-driven economy to a service and information-driven model, staying with the same company more than a decade has become more and more rare. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Read More

How Do I ‘Easily’ Calculate ROI in Service-Line Marketing?

Ask The Expert with Scott McRae Calculating return on investment for a service-line marketing campaign can be elu­sive and is not for the faint of heart. How­ever, demonstrating that your marketing efforts contrib­ute to your organization’s bottom line communicates the value of your function and benefits your career. Where to begin To demonstrate the calculation Read More

Can Lifetime Value of a Patient Be Calculated? Is It Worth the Effort?

Daniel Ansel

// Ask The Expert with Daniel E. Ansel // It’s a commonly accepted maxim that it costs five times more to re­cruit a new cus­tomer than to retain a satisfied one, yet when I ask hospitals and health systems if they’re concerned or think about tracking the “lifetime value” of a patient, they usually don’t Read More