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One Expert’s Take on Why and How Telehealth Could Be Better


Telehealth skyrocketed during the pandemic as a way to keep patients and providers safe when in-person office visits weren’t absolutely necessary. The volume of virtual visits went from hundreds a month to thousands a day practically overnight, but the quality of the experience hasn’t always measured up. How do we make it better? To imagine Read More

Texting: A Surprisingly Simple Strategy for Coordinating Vaccine Appointments

Luma Health

With the rush to get Americans vaccinated, organizations struggled to find the best way to contact patients to coordinate vaccine appointments, especially when demand exceeded supply. Adnan Iqbal, CEO of Luma Health, a San Francisco-based patient engagement platform, found many clients wanted to use the platform to get patients signed up at the appropriate time. Read More

Want to Drive Patient Satisfaction and Capture More Market Share for Your Physicians? Make It Easy for Patients to Self-Schedule Virtual Visits

Grant Lunney

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Even as healthcare organizations build out their marketing stacks to better reach, engage, and serve patients and prospective patients, health technology companies are building stacks of their own, for some of the same reasons — to help their clients improve patient access and convenience. NextGen Healthcare was named by Read More

Text Messaging Beats Out Email, Apps for Coordinating Vaccine and Other Appointments

Adnan Iqbal

// By Althea Fung // Within the first three months of 2021, Chicago’s Cook County Health scheduled one million COVID-19 vaccination appointments, using text messaging at scale.  With the rush to get Americans vaccinated, organizations struggled to find the best way to contact patients to coordinate vaccine appointments, especially when demand exceeded supply. Adnan Iqbal, Read More

Healthcare Data Is Growing, With a Profound Impact

“According to IDC, data in healthcare is expected to grow at a rate of 36 percent per year through 2025, outranking industries such as manufacturing, media, and financial services,” says Salchin Kalra, vice president of customer success at Infostretch. He says this is no accident. Read on for an excerpt from his new article: Data Read More

Member Webinar: Digital Health Strategies that Will Shape the Future


How the pandemic has accelerated digital innovation in care delivery — and how you can take advantage of new models to meet consumer expectations

An eHealthcare Strategy & Trends webinar on demand for healthcare marketers and digital strategists.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created opportunities to transform care delivery with digital solutions and spawned digital health strategies that will define the future.

Which emerging digital solutions have the most power to disrupt? What does this mean for the future of telehealth? Or hospital care at home? What new challenges have emerged that we must pay attention to?

This panel discussion will focus on how health systems and technology leaders are pivoting and developing their digital health plans and products in response to the new landscape, and how they are partnering with vendors, incubators, and accelerators in new ways as digital health solutions proliferate.

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Submit Your Entry to the 2021 eHealthcare Leadership Awards!

It’s May, and if you’re part of the digital healthcare marketing community, you know what that means… the Call for Entries for the 2021 eHealthcare Leadership Awards is officially open! What a year it has been. Last year around this time, we were hoping the worst was over and we could begin to get back Read More

eHealthcare Monthly Roundup #1

eHST - monthly roundup screencapture

Watch the pilot episode of our monthly video roundup of the latest stories from eHealthcare Strategy & Trends. A low-tech inpatient telehealth solution at Boston Children’s Hospital. Marketing lessons from Futurescan. Physician social media ambassadors at Mount Sinai Health System. An interview with the principal transformation consultant for strategy and digital health at Henry Ford Health System. And creating connected digital experiences at Baystate Health and Banner Health.

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When Digital Platforms for Scheduling COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments Leave Some Seniors Shut Out, Others Step In to Help

// By Jim Samuel // Scheduling appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine was supposed to be easy because of digital tools. But digital tools have proven difficult to use for many older Americans. To help, some hospitals, health systems, and public health departments have embraced older technology, while community residents have stepped in to help. Adults Read More

How Technology Can Help Manage the Crush of Vaccine Demand

On January 13, the headline on read “Major expansion of New Jersey COVID vaccine eligibility starts tomorrow.” Overnight, 4.47 million New Jersey residents age 65 and older and those between 16 and 64 with certain medical conditions became eligible to receive a vaccination at one of the state’s 123 approved sites. “New Jersey opened Read More

The Digital Team’s Important Role in COVID-19 Vaccinations

Zain Ismail, Henry Ford Health System

// By Jared Johnson //  Ask the Expert with Zain Ismail, Principal Transformation Consultant, Strategy and Digital Health, Henry Ford Health System This chapter of the pandemic is the time for nonclinical teams to shine, according to Zain Ismail, principal transformation consultant for the Henry Ford Health System. In particular, digital marketing and communications teams Read More

How COVID Has Accelerated Healthcare Consumerism

Jane Sarasohn Kahn

Healthcare is undergoing dramatic change. Whether the change is in response to growing consumer pressures, technological advances, or the COVID-19 pandemic, it is bringing new challenges and opportunities for healthcare marketers. The American Hospital Association’s Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) publication Futurescan looks at some of the most important and impactful Read More

Marketing Lessons from Futurescan


// By Jim Samuel // Every year, the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) publishes Futurescan, an annual report that examines healthcare trends and their implications for leadership teams over the next five years. Many of the trends covered in the report could have consequences for healthcare marketing. Healthcare is undergoing dramatic Read More

2021 Digital Initiatives from 2 Leading Health Systems

Jill McCormick, Christopher Pace, Jared Johnson

How Banner Health and Baystate Health are Creating Quality Digital Experiences for Prospects and Patients

Where can your health care organization focus your efforts in 2021 to improve the digital experience for your prospects and patients to differentiate your brand, drive key business metrics, and win in the marketplace?

To meet the changing needs of healthcare consumers, digital teams at two leading organizations are changing focus – moving beyond mastering discrete channels or platforms and focusing instead on delivering the connected digital experiences that healthcare consumers expect.

Hear from Jill McCormick, Director of Design and Innovation at Baystate Health and Chris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Banner Health, as they share the initiatives their organizations are focusing on to create those connected digital experiences for prospects and patients.

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Well-Earned CRM “Magic” at Ochsner Health System

Is it possible for health systems to have their own version of “set it and forget it”? Can they really set up campaigns in their CRMs and let them run automatically based on pre-set rules? Maybe not right out of the gate, but with diligence, healthcare marketers can learn to crawl, then walk, then run Read More

Living the Dream of CRM at Ochsner Health System

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Is it possible for health systems to have their own version of “set it and forget it”? Can they really set up campaigns in their CRMs and let them run automatically based on pre-set rules? Maybe not right out of the gate, but with diligence, healthcare marketers can learn Read More

2020 eHealthcare Leadership Award Winners


// By Jane Weber Brubaker // The eHealthcare Leadership Awards honor the very best websites and digital communications from a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations. Winners of the 21st Annual eHealthcare Leadership Awards were announced on November 17 at a special presentation at HCIC@Home, the virtual conference sponsored by Greystone.Net, our partner in presenting the Read More

How BayCare Health System Increases Customer Lifetime Value with a Proactive Strategy for Ratings & Reviews

Ed Rafalski and Annie Haarman

What if you could create a customer engagement program in your urgent care service line that increases customer lifetime value by 22 percent?

Or increase the customer lifetime value of your primary care physician service line by 29 percent?

And what if you could document and prove those results based on a two-year scientific study that ties your customer engagement program’s impact to customer visit history?

That is precisely what BayCare Health System has done.

BayCare Health System has spent the last two years conducting a proactive “Review Requesting Program” in its urgent care and primary care physician service lines and analyzed the effect on clinical visit history and customer lifetime value.

Watch this webinar on demand, and learn from Ed Rafalski, BayCare Health System’s chief strategy and marketing officer how the program was executed and analyzed, and how it improved the health system’s business KPIs and clinical outcomes.

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